• male Gupta

    tahnsk sir igor fir the great topic on facebook live please give it 1 hour atleaast 30 mijutes isl ess you are the best what do you think about komodo vs lenderman ods game that is going to start tomorrow and indian national premium league. in patna??

    • The duration of Facebook live will depend mostly on you and other students. If there are many questions, I will stay online longer to answer them all.

      • male Gupta

        thanks a lot sir you are the best byee tc .

      • male Gupta

        thansk for all you replies sir what do you tthink about the man vs machine match lenderman vs komodo latest veriosn odds match and what do you think about champions showdown that is going to start today.???

  • Guys, feel free to post your questions here in comments. This will make sure I notice and answer them in today’s Facebook live event.
    P.S. Of course you’ll be able to post questions right on Facebook as well (during the live event).

    • Jonathan

      What was the biggest surprise since creating RCA? Or, to put it another way, did anything happen to you or the company that completely took you by surprise?

      • Hi Jonathan,

        There were many surprises.

        – When I just started, I was really surprised that people consider me to be a good coach, I never anticipated this from myself 🙂
        – Once I called a financial consultant from US, and she suddenly said, “Igor, I know you”. It turned out she studied my courses 🙂

        – Coming to negative surprises, there were a few hacker attacks on RCA website, and for a few days the website was down. I never expected the competition amongst chess companies to be so severe.

    • male Gupta

      der sir what do you think aoubt the chamipion showdown that is going onwards from tomorrow and the decision of the fide of helding the world cup in saudi arabia.thanks.

  • Lovro Glavina

    Heres the position where I played d4 as black and I can’t decide whether d4 was good move or not r4rk1/pppqbppp/2n2n2/3pp2b/4P3/P1PPBN1P/1PQ1BPP1/RN3RK1 b – – 2 10

  • Abou Tayil Mohamed

    I am 50 years old,
    I have nice reporoir, but not completed, but I know Ideas behind my openeing reportoir
    I am not bad in endgame, as I not loose in endgame, and my win not go away in this stage
    I study all your courses and solve all your training excercises
    my thinking process depend on
    – center type
    – oppenent threats
    – my apelities
    – study all openent pieces apeleties and all my pieces also, to activate and improve my pieces
    – least active piece to most active sq. towards the center
    – to take is almost a mistake
    – choose the plan and check it
    – choose the move.
    I know all that and finished all my studies in chess from one year,…., and I take more than one year to train for that
    my Elo go down from 2139 to 2092
    why ?
    how can I improve ?

    • First of all, it’s great that you have all around knowledge about chess. Congratulations for the massive training you performed!

      Sometimes it happens that too much of new information confuses the situation for you. In this case, it’s good to return to fundamentals and focus on 1 thing alone.
      I would suggest that you review the course “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding” and strive to follow it in your games. For some time, put all your other training aside, and focus on this 1 activity.

      This should bring good results! Good luck!

    • male Gupta

      you can buy the latest masterclass of garry kasparov which is 8 hrs long it is very fantatci and absoulutely brilliatn.

      • Anup rajawat

        Is it possible for you to give me

        • male Gupta

          yeah it is possible but i htnik htat it is ilegal

          • Anup rajawat

            Nothing is illegal in India

          • male Gupta

            everthing is illegal this is piracy you can buy it for 90 dollars.i cant give it to you how can i give it to you??

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello sir , I have some problem in greek gift sacrifice when my opponent comes to kg6 can you please tel how to proceed from there is there any particular way to deal in it after the sacrifice we don’t have clear win after opponent play kg6

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello Igor , I have started learning the attacking lesson where I come across one term ” when you have advantage in piece activity compared to your opponent” what does this activity stands for ? space advantage or something else ?

    • Usually space advantage ensures greater piece activity, however it’s not the only factor.
      The ‘piece activity’ is explained in details in the course “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding” (or “The Grandmaster’s Secrets”). In fact these 2 courses are dedicated to this subject.

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