GM Igor Smirnov Answers Students’ Questions from the Live Event

I hope you remember that during the beginning of this month, on 7 November, we celebrated the 8th anniversary of the Remote Chess Academy. I conducted a live event on the RCA Facebook page sharing my experience in RCA, giving chess tips and answering YOUR (students’) questions.

Although I managed to answer most of your questions during the live stream, I could not do so for a few questions and especially those who posted your questions after the event ended. Therefore, in this article, I will answer the unanswered questions and I’ll also share the first part of the live stream video! 🙂

Q1: My bullet speed sucks. Do I improve by just playing or are there any other ways to improve speed?” – Esa Ahlqvist


Bullet chess is a chess game with limited time control. Indeed, time is the most important factor. However, if you like to improve yourself, then you need to improve your game in general. You should improve your tactics, which will also help you on your blitz games and your opening repertoire. You need to find VERY tricky opening lines with gambits in order to confuse your opponents.

Q2: How to become a great player in chess? How do I improve my games? Please answer, thanks.” – Emmanuel Barbosa
how to beat a stronger opponentAnswer:

Everybody in chess would like to improve their strength, from beginners to world best players. That being said, you should ask yourself, “In which chess level am I”? Actually, it is easy to understand your chess level because the ELO system is objective. Then, you should study chess material for your current chess level. I recommend you to study the course “Self-taught Grandmaster” in which I explained what exactly the players should learn in any different chess level.

Q3: Sir, how can I prevent losing won games again? I am an expert at it.” – Tung Sten


This is a very important question, and there is a quote which says that the most difficult part is to win the won games… 🙂 In general, you need to prevent your opponent’s counterplay and try to simplify the position. Follow these 2 advices and you will win more won games in the future.

Q4: Is Scandinavian Nf6 the best for all levels?” – Sharavanakkumar


Opening preparation is very important indeed. Yes, you may like to use the Scandinavian line Nf6 in any chess level. Similarly, you may like to be a more universal player and try other openings as well. Sicilian and the solid e5 are also very good openings for Black.

Q5:What is the kind of material you would recommend for a 2100 player to get a 2400 level?” – Shreyas Smith


My first advice for you is to put more specific and smaller targets. For example, you are now on 2100 ELO points and your main goal is to reach 2400, this is great! However, from 2100 to 2400 are 300 ELO points, am I right? Thus, I suggest you to put smaller targets each time. From 2100 you can go to 2200.
smaller targetsMy second advice is to study the courses “How to Beat Titled Players?” and “Calculate Till Mate”. In this ELO points, the players are not making huge blunders, so you need some extra abilities which you can find on the first course. In order to beat players in this level, you need to calculate accurately, so the second course can teach you how to do that.

Q6:Are chess variants 960 and bughouse good for your chess?” – Stephen English Wootton


Yes, they are good for chess and very entertaining indeed. You can improve your intuition and calculating skills, so you may like to continue playing and experimenting with them. 🙂

Q7: “Which is the best reply against d4?” – Sharavanakkumar


This is a question related to your favorite reply against e4! I mean that you should choose the opening according to the pawn structure. For example, if you like the Caro-Kann defense, then you should play the Queen’s Gambit Declined. If you like the dragon variation on the Sicilian Defense, then you should choose the King’s Indian Defense or Grunfeld; in these systems, you will play with the fianchetto bishop on g7.

Now you can watch the first part of the live stream below:

P.S. Guys, did you watch the live video? Did you like it? How would you like if I conduct such events often? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂
how to analyze chess games

  • Anup rajawat

    Helllo Igor , I have watch your video where one person has asked you the more I study the more games I am loosing 😀 This is also I am facing currently .I am taking chess seriously for last 6 months I have not loss more game than win but when I used to play for fun I used to play very good chess I have even increased 200 elo in one tournament at that time 🙁

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello Igor, is it good to exchange pieces when we have pawn majority or not at middlegame stage ? Ques2)Center control is required when performing majority attack ? Queries from your middlegame Course

    • 1) It’s useful to exchage pieces if you are a pawn up (or have any material advantage).

      Also, if your opponent has doubled pawns, you may turn the game into endgame – there it will be easier for you to create a passed pawn.

      2) Center control is required almost for anything.

      P.S. Please do not delete your comments afterwards, otherwise it makes it unclear for other students what question I was answering.

      • Anup rajawat

        ThanQ sir for your Help I am very Thankful to

  • male Gupta

    thanks a lot sir for the maziang ereply you are the best best in the world best coach i relly salute you adn love you al ot you are the best.

    • Thanks for your nice words and support!

      • male Gupta

        tahnk al ot sir welcome thanks for your time and reples what do you think aobut the latest interview of anand in website.he talks about a lot of imp things in top level.??

        • RCA_moderator

          Yes, it was an interesting interview especially his views on computers and emotions during a chess game.

          Prasaadh | Support

          • male Gupta

            dear sir aryan tari and pragannadha won the world junior championship held in italy waht are your view about that i yesterday had read an article about the beignner player one month of training and he competitive against magnus carslen challenging him for the game.he is genius do you read that article on what are your views about taht??

  • Anup rajawat

    Suppose sir,If our opponent is trying majority or minority attack on us without center control what should be our plan A) attack in center OR B) attack on other flank if we have majority or minority on other flank

    • RCA_moderator

      Hi Anup,
      Thanks for the question.
      GM Igor may not be able to answer all the questions.
      So you can check out some of our free courses and they answer lot of your questions.

      Prasaadh | Support

  • Ding

    Hello Igor Smirnov , I have Study most of your courses. You Have presented them in Very Simple And lucid Language.All of your courses Are Excellent And I have gain lot of new knowledge from your courses about chess .. But Igor there are some questions which are still unanswered and I have some problem in these 2 particular cases
    Question1) how to play with 3 minor pieces against Queen what should be our Plan ?
    Question2)Two Minor pieces against Rook? [ Here I usually search for opponent weaknesses and attack them .Is it a good plan ? ]
    If it possible for you please answer these 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Ding,
      Thanks for your support! I’m delighted to know that the courses were useful for you.

      For both of your questions the answer would be:
      a) Ensure good harmony of your pieces. Often times it’s enough to keep them closer to each other on the board.
      b) Just as you said, few minor pieces can attack a certain weakness multiple times while a heavy piece can’t protect it.

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