• male Gupta

    jabarsjt superb igor sir youa re teh best best in the world bro thanks alot for the vidoe serreis and the rca academy you are the best best.tnaks a lot.

    • I appreciate your emotional and positive comment! 🙂

      • male Gupta

        thansk dear igor what do you think of the cheating scandal of italian chess federation the tournaments in itlay chess.com has published an article about it todya??

  • Lovro Glavina

    Hi igor in main line Spanish game as white I’ve been practicing 5. Nc3 instead of 0-0, but my friends keep saying that that is too passive approach, that it is better to build up center with c3+d4. However I am playing Nc3 system because I simply follow principle of least active piece and maximum activity, and you also said that pawn moves in the opening can be only good if they prepare pieces’ development, and c3 doesn’t do that. Yet c3+d4 is basically the only system today played by white players.

    What should I do then? How should I play the spanish as white?

    • You play like Alekhine:) He used to play Nc3 and moved it to d5 later on. After that you may either hit the center directly by playing d4, or make classical pawn set up c3+d4.

  • WAR10CK

    which website you have suggested sir for free chess course in this video ?

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