Interesting Games from the FIDE World Cup 2017, Tbilisi

The FIDE World Cup 2017 was held from 2-27 September, 2017, in Tbilisi. In the final, after the four classical games against Ding Liren ended in draws, Levon Aronian won both the 25’+ 10″ rapids (tiebreak) and clinched the title to become the first person in the history of chess to win twice the 128th-player knockout World Cup!

Levon Aronian FIDE World Cup 2017 winner Levon Aronian with his trophy! (Photo by Anastasia Karlovich, from the official site)

Many believe that the ELO system is broken because the top chess players are playing only among themselves in order to keep their ratings inflated artificially high. Top grandmasters gave them a good excuse for this idea by losing to lower rated players.

They have a strong reason to believe it because of the following results:

  • Mamedyarov (2797) lose in the 2nd round to Kuzubov (2688)
  • Anand (2794) lose in the 2nd round to Kovalyov (2649)
  • Karjakin (2780) lose in the 2nd round to Dubov (2666)
  • Wei Yi (2748) lose in the 2nd round to Rapport (2675)
  • Harikrishna (2741) lose in the 2nd round to Sethuraman (2617)
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On the 3rd round, many top players, like Carlsen, Kramnik, Caruana and Nakamura, were knocked out by the lower rated players. However, the truth is always in the middle. Indeed, some top rated players lost their games, but it shows how difficult chess is! The World cup is a very tenacious and very competitive chess tournament.
Magnus Carlsen lost to Bu Xiangzhi

World No.35 Bu Xiangzhi eliminated world No.1 Magnus Carlsen in Round-3 (Photo by Anastasia Karlovich)

In the top level, you can try to win with the white pieces and you fight for the draw when you play Black. This is a well-known strategy among the strong players. This happens because the chess preparation is extremely deep, and sometimes, it is even possible to lose with home preparation!

Here is how the World Cup was regulated: one player plays two classical games, one with White and one with Black. That been said, the player has only one good chance to win the game, when he is playing White.

Similarly it’s like a “must-win” situation, so the player must take huge risks, which are not necessary during other chess tournaments. This creates a very tense situation and all the three results, win, draw or lose, are open.

Nevertheless, we witnessed some very cool games played in this tournament and I’ve collected some for you. You can enjoy them below. 🙂

P.S. Did you follow this amazing tournament? What are your impressions about  it? What do you think about Magnus’s elimination? Feel free to comment your thoughts below.
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  • Jonathan

    Knockout tournament formats are fun from a spectator perspective, because anything can happen, but they are pretty poor at deciding who was the best participant. Seeing so many Black players completely content with a draw was somewhat off-putting. Compare that to a Swiss tournament, where winning with both colours is paramount. This would lead to more exciting chess, rather than just the excitement of seeing who gets eliminated.

  • Lovro Glavina

    Well but you can’t just say that you can’t win as black. Wins as black happen often even among top players, and, as a matter of fact, bu xiangzhi knocked out Carlsen with a win with black pieces!

  • male Gupta

    itis game was jsut fantastic sir im sagar shah ahd coveered a lot in his youtube channle l chessbase india.

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello Igor , I want to know how many days you take to compose one full course ?

    • RCA_moderator

      Hi Anup,

      Thanks for the question. I will help with the answer since Igor is busy.

      It may take from 3 to 6 months to complete a course. In our courses, we have a lot of practical exercises that will help you automate the knowledge that you gained from watching the video lessons.

      Prasaadh | Support

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