• male Gupta

    thanks laot sir for theis offer and iwish that you will live 100 more years happly birhtdya world champion magnus carlsen in advance yu are the best and greateat of all the time.

    • Your sincere support keeps me motived all the time, thank you! 🙂

      • male Gupta

        wesloem sir youa re the best as usaul.

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello sir,In your video you have told that it was difficult for you to beat Nakamura. But you have develop courses on each and every particular and You have very good Knowledge of each Subject then what is different between your knowledge with World top players .What do you think about same ? What differs between GM knowledge and world Top players?

    • Hi Anup,
      There are a number of factors. I guess the most decisive one is that top chess players (just like top athletes in any sport) dedicate their life to perfect their skill. This dedication implies massive investments of time, money, effort, and focusing a whole life around this 1 goal.

      • male Gupta

        yeah right this is the perfect reply to anup anser i was also asking the same question to igor but he aswered perfectly thankyu so much.

  • Anup rajawat

    Suppose sir,If our opponent is trying majority or minority attack on us without center control what should be our plan A) attack in center OR B) attack on other flank if we have majority or minority on other flank

    • If it’s possible to attack in the center – it’s almost always the right thing to do.

      If it’s impossible, however, then you have no option other than to attack on a side.

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