• David Milliern

    When is this product coming out?

  • Bacl Kat

    Hi Igor, I have a question. Let’s say that you are a six year old and your “future self” gave you all the RCA courses, do you think your improvement would be much faster than it was?

    • 100% yes. There were periods (that sometimes lasted for years!) when I couldn’t get any progress despite of my huge efforts. Finding a good private coach has always been a problem. Recollecting those times is somewhat painfull for me, even nowadays…
      I am absolutely sure that following the footsteps of a guy who ‘has been there already’ brings much faster progress.

  • marwanradman123

    This is good news. I do not doubt it is a great effort from our teacher GM Igor Smirnov …thanks so much,,,

    • It’s good to hear from you again, and thanks for your continuous support!

      • marwanradman123

        I will continue to support you forever, and I ask God to keep you always…

  • Richard B

    There’s no real evidence that Fischer had an IQ of 187. This was just hearsay. In the 1950s they used either the Stanford-Binet test or the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale to measure intelligence. Today the concept of a single test determining one’s intelligence is very controversial with recent research suggesting that it would require at least 3 different tests to test for intelligence, if indeed it can even be measured in a valid manner. This old Fischer fable should be laid to rest.

    • bibleexpert

      On the other hand, I can’t see too many people being terribly surprised should that number prove to be correct.

      • Richard B

        Well, if you’d heard his Philippine radio interviews you would realize that his IQ was probably closer to 87 than 187.

        • bibleexpert

          You seem to be confusing his IQ with his mental health.

  • male Gupta

    good new great igor sir interesting thanks a lot you are great a great salute to mr igor smirnov.for bringing this course to us and coporate fishcer style with us.vidoes are just fantastic.sir.

  • b0ss sss

    Hi Igor, why do you think adults on average improve at a much slower pace than kids in chess? Is it because of difficulty to change habits? I noticed this to be a trend not even in chess but many other things. Or maybe time? Kids can sometimes devote 8 hours a day on chess while most of adults can barely get 2. There is also explanation that kids have more “plastic” brains but on the other hand adults can grasp abstract concepts faster than them, so this should at least even out. Or maybe its a little bit of all of those things?

  • Bobba Fett

    How many high school dropouts can teach themselves to read and converse in Russian and Serbian, not to mention Spanish ?His mental health later on was suspect, but never his intelligence.

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