• male Gupta

    thanks alto dear igor sir you are thebest thansk for this nice article and information you are the best as usuaus lwhat do you think about the world junior championship that is going live these days about indain players and grandmaster of india gm murali karthik gm shardul gagare and pragannandha.??

    • RCA_moderator

      Thanks for the compliment.
      GM Igor is busy so you may want to check out this FAQ.

      Prasaadh | Support

      • male Gupta

        dear sir he is busy you can give answee r to my question thanks.the faq artciles is too long to read.what od you thnik aobut candidates tournaments who is going to qualify ??what do youthnik

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello Igor, I have learn your many courses and I have gain huge knowledge from them .But recently I am going through your master the grunfeld defence course where I found one drawback.Alex is suggesting B6 move in classical variation but in practical part there is not even a single game on it . He has just described the main line and side lines of that particular line whereas in practical part games are given of the lines which he has not teach.Sir please help me and if I am wrong please tel me too..

    • Although we should strive to have solid opening knowledge, it’s impractical to dive too deeply into every eventual variation. Quantity of variations is endless, anyway you can’t prepare against every possible move of your opponent.

      Also, if you spend too much time on your opening preparation, you’ll be unable to train other important aspects (such as your system of thinking etc).

      To sum up, it’s perfectly fine to simply study the materials presented in the course. This will give you greater knowledge about Grunfeld compared to almost all your current opponents.

      • male Gupta

        thansk a lot sir for this wodnerful reply you are the best tahnks a lot

  • Anup rajawat

    I have more question regarding thinking system I want to know how much time and how many positions you will recommend per day to improve our thinking system ?

    • I’d rather suggest that you focus on the quality instead of quantity. If you analyze 1 game seriously, it may give you greater progress than superficial observation of 10 games. Good luck!

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