9 Funny Photos of GM Igor Smirnov

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designIt’s my birthday time, and I’d love to share my positive mood with you. I’ve selected 9 photos from last year, which will hopefully make you smile. 🙂

1) My last birthday started with one of the most delicious chess boards I’ve ever used – it was a birthday cake. 🙂
gm igor smirnov birthday chess cake2) Some people called Magnus Calsen “chess Viking”. If so, there are a number of things Magnus should change in his make-up. Here’s how a Viking should look like in reality.
gm igor smirnov vikingHere I am in the artificial village created for shooting the movie ‘Viking’.

3) Talking about history, probably you’ve heard about Darwin’s theory of evolution.
gm igor smirnov funny photoIt looks like Darwin was right, there’s so much we have in common with our distant relatives.

4) Now, there’s a short quiz for you: can you notice anything special in the following photo?
gm igor smirnov funny photoThis photo was captured in Malaysia’s jungles, and there’s a monitor lizard on the tree.

5) After getting this master-class in hiding with the lizard, I’ve tried to hide myself in jungles as well.
gm igor smirnov funny photoIt didn’t quite work; I need more practice. 🙂

6) From left to right: here are my wife, Jack and me.
gm igor smirnov funny photoDo you know who Jack is? His full name is Jackfruit.

7) Thanks to my Indian students and RCA teammates, I got to know lots of great things about this colorful country. But I got addicted to drink…
gm igor smirnov funny photoMasala tea! If cooked with proper spices, it’s just fantastic! I could never make that impressive pouring though. 🙂

8) Also, I tried to adopt the US culture. In the below video I’m passing a cowboy exam: the task is to remain sitting on the bull, while holding it with 1 hand only.

9) Although I’ve failed the “bull test”, at least I could get alone with a horse.
gm igor smirnov funny photo
Not for nothing it’s my favorite chess piece.

I hope that some of the photos have provoked similar facial expressions in you as well. 🙂

P.S. Thanks for all your birthday greetings! I’m delighted to deal with such awesome people like you. Thanks again! You’re also welcome to solve the Cat’s Chess Puzzle!

  • Jaroslav Tručka

    Great pictures! Happy birthday, Igor!

  • Lovro Glavina

    do you believe in evolution? do you belive in god igor?

    • Hi Lovro,

      IMHO if God created life, why can’t his creatures keep evolving and improving? I don’t see the real contradiction between these 2 theories. I think the sense of contradiction mainly comes from human’s arrogance, and unwillingness to treat oneself as an equal and harmonious part of nature.

      P.S. At the same time it’s only my personal opinion, and if you have your independent opinion – it’s great. Who am I to make ultimate judgments?

      • Lovro Glavina

        I thought exactly the same. I believe in God and in statement that evolution and big bang are god’s methods of creation. So, at the end of the day, you do believe in God, or?

        • Yes I do. I have my own set of beliefs though, which don’t fall into any particular religion. At the same time I think all major religions are wise and have many great things.

  • marwanradman123

    We ask God for you joy, pleasure and lasting happiness you and the beautiful family ..

  • Anup rajawat

    My Thinking System
    1) Checks
    3) Attacking moves same as your middlegame rule
    4)least active piece
    5)Maximum Activity
    6)Neutralizing the Most Active Piece
    7) preparation of attack
    Sir is it good way to calculate on every turn in this order I am using it in games and able to find good moves or you would like change or edit something ?

    • Lovro Glavina

      Don’t forget to compose general directions and plan and make corrections in your plan, that’s very important.

      • Anup rajawat

        THANq for your suggestions I hope Igor sir will also reveiw this

    • The course “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding” presents the proper thinking system. Just follow it. An important note is that you need to review this course several times before you really digest this material. Good luck!

      • Anup rajawat

        Your “Thinking System “course does not include thinking system ?

  • Anup rajawat

    I have attended one seminar in Chennai,India where our Instructor told that lot of people have problem playing with Black Pieces because they forgot first think they have to do Is to gain “Equality” ? Sir do you agree ? But I have not understand how a Black player will come to know that he gained Equality against opponent ? Is there any particular way to know ?

    • It’s a traditional approach, even though modern players don’t stick to it (they play counter-attacking openings, for instance Sicilian Defense).

      For you, there’s no need to bother thinking about it at all.






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