3 different Aspects of Attack in Chess

Today we’re going to discuss about something, the 3 different aspects of attack in chess. Our guest coach FM Marko Makaj classifies the attack as the following:

3 Different Aspects of Attack

–> Attack in the opening
–> Attack in the middlegame
–> Attack in the endgame
attack1) Attack in the Opening

Since White starts the game, he has an extra tempo and thus has more chances to attack than Black. In the opening, it’s mainly about fighting for the center, space advantage and attacking the loose pieces of the opponent.

2) Attack in the Middlegame

When we reach the middlegame, the attack mainly depends on the safety of the kings. Most often, we find a plan to attack our opponent’s king in the middlegame, thinking of ways to improve our piece positions and coordinate them to the fullest.

3) Attack in the Endgame

However, in the endgame, it’s mainly about the pawn structures or pawn majority. We try to attack our opponent’s pawns (break their structure) in order to remain active and to create a passed pawn.

FM Marko Makaj will teach you in detail about these 3 different aspects of attack with illustrative examples. You can watch the video below:

how to analyze chess games

  • male Gupta

    dear sir thanks alot the marko makaj sir is just oputsntanding teacher and he explain a lthing s lot more better thank the other.what do yu think about the london chess calscci tournaments draws what are your veiws about that one tournaments.?/

    • RCA_moderator

      Thanks for the compliments for Marko.

      Finally the last 2 rounds we had decisive results. Caruana winning the 2 games. Hopefully we will see more decisive and interesting games in London Chess Classic

      Prasaadh | Support

      • male Gupta

        thxx sir a lot for this comment and above abut alpha go outstanding sir byee tc.

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello Igor ,I have just started reading your promoted pawn book I have seen you are playing French defence .Can you please tel me what to do with Black when opponent is playing H4 in NC3 opening .1)E4 E6 2)D4 D5 3)NC3 NF6 4)BG5 Be7 5)E5 nfd7 6)H4 after this what should blck do ? Can we take the pawn with queen ?

    • Hi Anup,

      Yes, you may grab the pawn. After that you should prepare long castling. Your following moves may be: Nc6, Nb6, Bd7, 000. Of course you need to watch over White’s moves as well.

      • Anup rajawat

        ThanQ you so much Sir. I have one more question regarding same,what is opponent intention for sacrificing his H Pawn

  • Ding

    Hey Igor ; Recently I Have read one of your chapter of “GM positional Understanding” weak pawns I am getting quite confused if we have 2 bishops against 2 knights and opponent has some weaknesses Too. then we have material advantage as you have told in endgame expert course but in positional Understanding you are telling exchange your minor pieces and leave heavy pieces in such cases I will lose my stable advantages ? Please give your views

    • Hi Ding,

      Firstly, it’s great that you study the course thoughtfully, it’s well done by you!

      While attacking opponent’s weak pawns, it’s useful to exchange minor pieces. Ideally, you should trade off equal pieces: knight VS knight, bishop VS bishop.
      As you pointed out, in general, it’s not advisable to exchange your bishop to opponent’s knight. However, if this may help you win opponent’s pawn – this is a good way to go.

  • male Gupta

    dear gior stoday i read the news on chess24.com it isays that the alpha go zero has defeated stockkifhs the tcec champion in 25 games and 25 days without zero loss in 100 game match by just learning 4 hrs of chess only by the alpha computer what do you thnik do you think that it is a revolution to the game is chess has been solved??

    • RCA_moderator

      This is huge improvement in chess engines. So far chess engines have been using brute force calculations to make a move. Google’s AlphaZero is using Artificial intelligence.

      The paper claims that it looks at “only” 80,000 positions per second, compared to Stockfish’s 70 million per second.

      So AlphaZero is more like human looking at more important continuations instead calculating all variations.

      We still don’t have powerful enough computers solve chess. Hopefully it will not happen for a long time.

      Prasaadh | Support

      • male Gupta

        yess isr you are riht thanks a lot chess is mathematically infinet game no one can solve that .completely.

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